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Quality + Safety

We build quality into every part — beginning with our customer relationships.

Our robust print to part process and one-on-one attention ensure the success of every customer and every part.

Quality + Safety

A Culture of Quality

At Walker, quality is about more than finished products. It’s built in to our process. Our print to part process influences everything we do. And our commitment to advanced product quality planning (APQP) ensures our customers have success coming out of the gate — even with new products.

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Quality is part of our DNA.
At Walker, we’re committed to quality in our people, our process and our parts. We tailor our quality control efforts to individual products to ensure they’re properly designed, tooled, cast, trimmed and finished. We invest in environmental sustainability, continuous improvement and a modern facility where our employees can do their best work.

Personal attention.
Advanced product quality planning begins well before a part is made and extends long after it’s shipped. That’s why we work closely with our customers on design and tooling to control quality from the get-go — well before a part is ever cast.

We assign a staff quality engineer to each product line, from part development through mass production and service. Our engineers work closely with customers to help plan and control implementation and quickly resolve problems.

Part verification.
We conduct 100% dimensional verification of parts by coordinate measuring machine (CMM) and 3D laser scanning as part of the production part approval process (PPAP).  Direct computer controlled CMM monitoring of key dimensions continue throughout the product life cycle, supplemented with visual inspection.  We also supply X-ray audits with hard-gauging and apply statistical process control as needed.

ISO 14001 certification was achieved February of 2020.

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Molten metal, hot castings, and sharp edges make die casting a potentially dangerous business, in the absence of a focus on safety. That’s why, at Walker, safety is a top priority.

Since joining Allison Transmission in 2019, we’ve enhanced safety at our 850,000 square foot facility by providing a modernized work environment, better personal protective equipment and new systems for organizing tools that prevent the risk of slips and falls. Guard fencing and designated paths throughout the plant make the environment safer for both workers and visitors. We plan to keep the improvements coming.

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Preserving our environment.
Die casting is one of the most ecologically sustainable processes around. It uses 100% recycled materials, which are themselves recyclable. A die cast mold can be used 100,000 times before it needs to be replaced.

We’re proud to manufacture sustainable materials, and we extend our focus on sustainability to our facility, where we continually review and improve our environmental performance. It’s not just about fulfilling our compliance obligations and preventing pollution. It’s about making our plant — and the world — a better place.

No aluminum waste: We use 100% recycled materials and turn them into new products that are useful to the world. When we have scrap, we melt it and use it again.

Lube recycling: Every cycle, dies are sprayed with a water-based lubricant. We collect, filter and reuse the spray we use on our dies to create a fully sustainable process and avoid waste water.

Distillation: We distill the oils and other materials that are part of our process and extract clean, distilled water.

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