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Now Hiring
Walker Die Casting P.O. Box 1189, 1125 Higgs Road Lewisburg, Tennessee 37091
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A proud Allison business
Member since 1977, Automotive and Commercial Castings
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Our Strengths

For the past 60 years, we’ve built great parts — and great partnerships.

Our financial stability, state of the art equipment, strong reputation and decades of experience have earned us trusted customers around the world. Put our strengths to work for you.


Durability you can count on.

At Walker, we deliver the aluminum die cast parts you need when you need them. Recessions haven’t stopped us. Neither has a global pandemic. From day one of our relationship until the project’s done, we work with you to get it done right.

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Financial Stability

At a time when many die casting suppliers have struggled financially, Walker has remained on solid financial footing. In fact, when the economy slows down, we ramp up investments. Becoming part of Allison Transmission in 2019 has enhanced our stability. Our fiscal strength empowers us to respond quickly to new opportunities and provide long-term stability and competitive cost structures for our customers.

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We’ve been building our reputation in aluminum die casting since 1958. Since our founder, R.H. Walker, fired up a 50 ton die casting machine in a basement, we’ve grown into an innovative global die casting supplier capable of processing over a million pounds of aluminum daily. In our 60 year history, we’ve earned the trust of some of the most discerning manufacturers in the nation.

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Technical expertise

Getting the best deal isn’t always about upfront cost. When a part doesn’t work, it’s an expensive mistake. We don’t make expensive mistakes. When you work with Walker, you’re not just buying parts. You’re buying our expertise. Our experienced engineers and project managers partner with you to build high pressure die cast parts and tooling that perform as promised. And when tooling works right, parts work right. Every time.

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