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Now Hiring
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We’ve got a range of equipment for a range of jobs.

The performance of our equipment matches our design capabilities. Our intelligent, highly automated processes, consistent operations, and expertly trained technicians keep everything running smoothly.


State of the Art Equipment

Watching the bottom line? We’ve got you covered. Our customers demand predictable and repeatable processes. That’s why we invest in automation and the fastest, most precise machines on the market.

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Wide Range

Our 38 horizontal high pressure die cast machines range from 1,000–4,500 tons of clamping force.

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Large Size

We’re one of just a handful of suppliers in North America with a 4,500 ton die casting machine, and an experienced team to run it.

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Die casting machines
Total number of machines: 38
All die casting machines are equipped with Visitrak process monitoring.

Tonnage Number of Machines
1,200 5
1,400 7
1,600 7
1,800 6
3,000 8
3,500 4
4,500 1

Support equipment
Casting operations

Schaffer melting furnace
Number of machines: 1
8,000 lb. / hr. melting capacity
80,000 lb. holding capacity

Lindberg/MPH melting furnaces
Number of machines: 2
6,000 lb. / hr. melting capacity (each)
60,000 lb. holding capacity (each)

Gas fired stack melter
Number of machines: 1
6,000 lb. / hr. melting capacity
60,000 lb. holding capacity

Warwick tilting barrel furnaces
Number of machines: 5
2,000 lb./hr. melting capacity (each)
15,000 lb. holding capacity (each)

Electric holding furnaces at die cast machines
Number of machines: 38

Die temperature control
Die temperature control
Hot water units: 12
Jet cool units: 12

ABB robots

Type Number of Machines
4,000 series 24
6,000 series 51
7,000 series 11

Fanuc robots
R2000 ic 165 R
Number of machines: 2

Trim presses
20 – 100 ton machines: 42
Dedicated trim machines: 7

Leak test units
Dunk and air decay
Number of machines: 14

X-Ray machines
Number of machines: 2

GOFF/DISA Flow Thru Shot Blast machines
Number of machines: 3

600 gallon Loctite Impregnation System

Overhead cranes

Size Number of Cranes
50 ton 7
20-40 ton 5


Machining equipment

Equipment type Number of Machines
Mori-Seiki CNC horizontal machining centers with 500 mm work zone capacity 11
Mori-Seiki CNC horizontal machining centers with 650 mm work zone capacity 13
Makino A81nx horizontal machining centers with 600 mm work zone capacity 6
Makino A71nx horizontal machining centers with 600 mm work zone capacity 4
Toyoda FH500J 50 HMC with 500 mm work zone capacity 2
Toyoda AA1165 40 VMC vertical machining center 1
Mori DMG DuraVertical 5100 vertical machining center 1
Kimble custom GM A/C bracket dial index machines, capable of performing 32 machining
operations @ 300 pcs/hour each

Tool setters and part washers

Parlec digital tool setter 1
Hamer digital tool setter 1
Flow through three-stage part washers 4
Valiant robotic water jet washer 1
Better engineering cabinet washers 10

Dimensional verification

Direct computer controlled Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM) recently installed
(10 total CMMs available)

Brown & Sharpe DCC CMM with axis travel of 900 mm x 1500 mm x 850 mm 1
Brown & Sharpe DCC CMM with axis travel of 1200 mm x 2000 mm x 1000 mm 3
Zeiss CMM 6

Total number of machines: 10

3D scanning camera

Visual inspection
Real time X-ray imaging systems online to evaluate product quality
Number of machines: 2

Siemens NX
Autodesk Inventor
Data compression: WINZIP (preferred)
Data translation: IGES, DXF, DWG, STEP, Parasolid, STL
Simulator software: Magmasoft HPDC
Data transfer: Sharefile

Engineering workstations (10)
Magma workstation (1)
HP design Jet 488CA plotter
KIP 7000 plotter/copier

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