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Walker Die Casting P.O. Box 1189, 1125 Higgs Road Lewisburg, Tennessee 37091
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A proud Allison business
Member since 1977, Automotive and Commercial Castings
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Our Story

We’ve been building our reputation in aluminum die casting since 1958.

Walker Die Casting is an aluminum die casting manufacturer with expertise in large, complex die casting, machining and assembly, as well as design and analysis. Our scope includes full print to part engineering and strict process and quality control for delivering high quality, complex aluminum castings.

Our Story Overview

The Allison edge

We started out as a family-owned company with great customer relationships. Joining Allison Transmission hasn’t changed that. It’s just made us stronger. We supply Allison parts just like we’ve always done, and we have plenty of capacity for our current and future customers, too. The increased automation, improved work environment and investment in safety Allison brings translate to better quality and cost structures for our customers.

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Quality you can count on


Founded by R.H. Walker, who borrowed money from his dad to buy a 50 ton die casting machine and set it up in the basement of a five and dime store on the square in Lewisburg, Tennessee


First large transmission case produced on a 1,600 ton die casting machine


Purchased first 3,500 ton die casting machine


J. R. Walker assumed role as president of Walker Die Casting


Gained Allison Transmission as a customer and took over all Allison’s main case business


First finished product fully computer numerical control (CNC) machined


Purchased 4,500 ton die casting machine


Walker Die Casting acquired by Allison Transmission