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When you work with Walker, you’re not just buying parts. You’re buying our expertise.

Most of our engineers have been with us for a decade or more, and we’ve partnered with the same supply base for 30 years. The dependability of our team helps us consistently deliver when it comes to quality, timelines and cost control.


Engineering Excellence

We simplify complex jobs. Our veteran engineers have broad experience with difficult jobs and complex, high pressure die cast parts. Whether you need a reliable partner or a rescue team, you can count on our team to deliver a customized solution.

Have a project in mind?


At the beginning of each job, our engineers and tooling experts work with you to plan, design and test. We conduct a complete feasibility analysis for all new parts. Then we evaluate your drawings and computer-aided design models for castable geometry. We employ flow and solidification modeling to estimate and improve upon casting quality levels. Mathematical and graphical analysis tools help us determine casting machine selection and configuration.

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Getting the best deal isn’t always about upfront cost. When a part doesn’t work, it’s an expensive mistake. We don’t make those kinds of mistakes. Our experienced engineers and project managers partner with you to build tooling that performs as promised. And when tooling works right, parts work right. Every time.

We tailor our process to your timeline and include steps to improve your parts’ performance over time. To optimize tooling performance, dies are designed and built to proprietary standards by select shops. An experienced tooling project manager oversees the entire process.

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At Walker, we have a reputation for expert troubleshooting. Challenging projects don’t intimidate us. In fact, we’re the folks people call when other suppliers run into trouble.

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